Some of the amazing runners who have come out to enjoy
the Birch Bay Marathon include
3 US Champions, three
American record holders and ten Olympic trials qualifiers

Jim Pearson (2:22:32)
US Champ / American
50 Mile
record holder 
2 x Olympic trials qualifier - Marathon
            Portland Marathon winner
            Seattle Marathon winner

Jim Freeman (2:22:52)            
Olympic trials qualifier -  Marathon

            US 15 kilometer Champion
            18th in Boston Marathon

Mark Anderson (2:15:33)          
2 x World XC Qualifier

Olympic trials qualifier - 10k /Marathon
Only Washington runner to win Bloomsday
Big 8 cross country champion

Andy Martin (2:20:17)               
2 x Olympic trials qualifier - Marathon

Oliver Bear Don't Walk (2:37:15)    
US Junior 50k track record- 3:10:07
World Junior Mtn. Qualifier.
5th USA 15k Trial Championships

Susan Rossiter Henderson (2:43:05) 
          Olympic trials Qualifier
- Marathon
            Portland Marathon winner
            11th and 17th in Boston Marathon

Wolf Schamberger (2:20:04)     
Olympic trials qualifier - Marathon

Jack Burnett (2:24:30)              
BC Marathon Champ / Record Holder

Bruce Shaw (2:20:12)                

Olympic trials qualifier - Marathon

Robert Rosencrantz                  
Olympic trials qualifier -  20k / 50k RW

Torry Lingbloom                       
Olympic trials qualifier - 20k RW
National J
O mile RW Champ / Record holder
National Junior 10k RW champ
2 X NAIA all-American,
2,5,& 9 in nationals=)
Set State Frosh record at Birch Bay-2:55:16

Janet Heinonen
17th in Boston Marathon
Cory Jenkins 4 x USA all-American.

Birch Bay Marathoners have competed in the following Olympic Trials:
1968: Jim Freeman
1972: Jim Pearson
1976: Jim Pearson, Bruce Shaw (Can.), Wolf Schamberger (Can.)
1980: Torry Lingbloom, Mark Anderson
1984: Mark Anderson, Susan Rossiter Henderson
2000: Andy Martin
2008: Andy Martin