2019 Birch Bay Marathon, Half Has Been Cancelled 

BBSP parking is covered in snow, Ice at start finish. About 80% of the fog line is covered. Unsafe conditions.

Birch Bay Marathon Update # 2 (If you didn’t read email # 1, I pasted it below)

Hi! Hope you’re well!

I spent the day today out at the course. The course is in absolutely terrible condition. Absolutely terrible. Driving to the exit on I-5 is pretty easy. Went well. State highway to the course is hit or miss but I was going 20 miles under the speed limit. The course itself is the problem. Not a ton of people drive on those roads and the wind, and snow plows moved ALL the snow to the right/left of the road where we race. About 90% of the course is covered with ice (road) with high snow on each side of the road (where we run). I was driving 11 miles an hour most the time and still lost control about a dozen times. To be fair, my Chevy Cruz isn’t the greatest. Spoke to state park and police. State park is currently closed.

The race still has some days left but currently Birch Bay, WA Weather on my phone says tomorrow it could snow a little from 3:07PM to about 4:45AM Friday. After that, light rain to rain Friday and Saturday. From what I get from the State Park and Police it’s going to have to rain A LOT to get the course ready to compete. WE NEED LOTS OF RAIN and 40+ temperatures on Friday / Saturday !!!!!

With that….

We will cancel the Packet Pick up on Saturday. We will instead have it SUNDAY ONLY 6:30AM to 8:45AM – BP Heron Center inside the State Park. I will make everything set up by race, then by last name, with 3-4 rows per race. This should go fast.

We have told a few more volunteers to stay home. Pretty much everyone except our core group of 12 and few others to not drive up for the race. If you didn’t read email 1, see below. We have hired police and flaggers and, though having some volunteers not come and thus costing more money (hire a few more flaggers) it’s really important to keep the middle school / high school kids safe and at home.

You will receive another email Friday evening about the race. PLEASE look out for it.


It is not our intention to cancel the race. If for any reason the race is cancelled it will come (I assume on Friday) from the police department / state park.


Birch Bay Marathon, Half Update


Hi! Currently we just under 200individuals registered for our annual marathon / half. As most of you know there has been severe weather issues in Western Washington. Currently the course is covered in snow and it just began snowing again. It should snow today / tomorrow before we hit some sun and some rain. Hopefully the post-race snow (Monday/Tuesday) doesn’t shift to the left! 😊

I wanted to update you all on our current status.


READ # 1: With several dozen emails stating they will only come up day of race, I am considering moving the packet pick up to SUNDAY ONLYand having it open from 6:45AM to 8:50AM. Race is at 9AM. I will make a final decision Wednesday but I would say 95% that it’s going to be SUNDAYonly packet pickup.


READ # 2: All of our aid-station volunteers are coming from a local youth group, and high school student-athletes, with most of them from Edmonds school district (north Seattle). With that, we not only have Birch Bay weather issues, but also travel issues from those student-athletes (and their parents) from North Seattle. With growing concerns about the safety of our 13-18-year-old air-station volunteers, I have decided to inform the student and their parents to stay home this weekend and not commute north. We will have the aid stations set up with individuals driving around monitoring the aid. Even though weather may change (better or worse) it’s important to make this decision for the safety (and mental relief) of those young students and their families.


READ # 3: This race will only be canceled if the police department or city make that decision. Our dozen core volunteers just met have all decided we wouldn’t mind braving out 5AM to 5PM on Sunday, regardless of anything! 😊


Another update to come on Wednesday! 😊